test zine

I printed a test zine with my original characters. Entirely handmade. It came out better than expected! There’s minimal ghosting on pages, which was my biggest worry. Green fluo paper and transfer foil on the cover looks awesome, I’m sooo happy with the result! Not gonna print copies to sell probably, but I’ll keep that in mind for the future which hopefully will see some comics…

‘Claw & Blade’ digital artbook

Last December, I started drawing a pair of original characters which I regularly posted on this blog. It was a project to break the bad spell of burnout that haunted me for years. Looking back on what I made over last months, it definitely worked :) Drawing for myself is easier and started to bring me joy again. This said, I decided to put up a small artbook in digital form. It contains illustrations I already posted here on this blog, a few new works that won’t be shown elsewhere, black & white lineart versions of each drawing and preliminary sketches. You can get the artbook here!

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