upcycled gloves

Found out that one of my fav pair of gloves had some dark stains on them, so I decided to refresh them a bit. I like the result, it was very fun to do as well. Used alcohol-based marker for drawing.

handmade recycled paper

Had fun these few last months getting into papermaking from scraps lying around. I even have my own bookbinding press now (thanks, dad!). It’s fun, I can rec it to anyone now! I also got back to linocut :) Here are photos from various batches from February and March (the last one being a try at making paper from cotton scraps, which, well… didn’t end as I imagined lol. You certainly want a Hollander beater for a rug paper).

Indiepocalypse cover

I did a cover for this month’s digital bundle-zine Indiepocalypse (May, #28)! If you like games and more importantly - from indie creators - I highly encourage you to check it out HERE! I had a lot of fun with this!

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