upcycled gloves

Found out that one of my fav pair of gloves had some dark stains on them, so I decided to refresh them a bit. I like the result, it was very fun to do as well. Used alcohol-based marker for drawing.

handmade recycled paper

Had fun these few last months getting into papermaking from scraps lying around. I even have my own bookbinding press now (thanks, dad!). It’s fun, I can rec it to anyone now! I also got back to linocut :) Here are photos from various batches from February and March (the last one being a try at making paper from cotton scraps, which, well… didn’t end as I imagined lol. You certainly want a Hollander beater for a rug paper).

Indiepocalypse cover

I did a cover for this month’s digital bundle-zine Indiepocalypse (May, #28)! If you like games and more importantly - from indie creators - I highly encourage you to check it out HERE! I had a lot of fun with this!


Figured out I’ll post few moodboard pieces for the couple I’ve been drawing recently. It’s more of an exercise with colours, shapes and symbols rather than introduction to a story. It’s really nice though, to shape and sort of get to know characters through a series of planned and finished drawings rather than just sketches. I have fun with that and am interested how it would look like as a whole in the end. So far, drew 20 out of over 80 thumbnailed pieces! Let’s see how far I can get with this, heh.

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